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How to Use Full Photo in Orkut rather than Cropping?

Well, Orkut has made a new update recently and has removed the Option of "Use Original" while Uploading a Display Picture in our Profile. Now there are only two Options namely Crop Photo & Cancel. So, While Cropping the Photo we wont be able to crop it fully , So it wont look good! Some days back, I saw a Javascript in OuG, Which allows us to use Orginal Picture! So. I am Sharing it here. Note: Use of Javascript & Stuffs are against Orkut TOS ! Steps to Use: Go to Edit Profile & Click Change Photo , then Upload your Image! After Uploading ,when it reaches a stage like this dont Click anything. Use the Javascript below in the addressbar (Place where we type ________________________________________________________________________________ javascript:with(($ = (this.orkutFrame||window).document.forms)[$.length - 1])action = "/EditSummary.aspx?apw=9999&aph=9999&apdw=9999&apdh=9999&Action.cropProfilePhoto" ,submi…

Status bar tricks

We cannot change the color of our status msg in our profile