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ENABLE / DISABLE Registry Editing (regedit)

When some viruses get in to our pc it may disable registry editing function
To enable or disable registry editing function just read these simple steps :)

Fist of all go to Start then Run and type

Remove Recycle Bin from desktop

Sounds cool na
It very easy to remove recycle bin from your Desktop
Just follow these simple instructionsFirst of all go to Start the Run and type
A window Group Policy will open up in which you’ll see “Computer Configuration” and “User Configuration”
Inside User configuration there will be a folder named “Administrative Template” open it and again there will be a list of more folders in which you’ll see a folder named “Desktop” which contains a property to “Remove Recycle Bin icon from desktop”.


Some virus or worms may disable your Task Manager
So to enable your Task manager again follow these simple steps
1.Go to start and click run and type gpedit.msc
2.Then click
3.Then open and then
4.When you open Ctrl+Alt+Del Option you’ll