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Two Free Twitter Tools To Keep a Good Follower Ratio and a Tip to Gain More Followers

Here i'm going to introduce 2 free twitter tools which will help you maintain a good follower ration and tips on how to get more followers
First of all let me tell what a good follower ratio is, and why it is so important
an ideal or good follower ratio is between 1.0 and 1.25, which will help you gain more followers.
so when you are following 100 people and you are being followed by 125 you're ratio is 1.25 which is ideal
and if you follow 1000 and you're being followed by only 100 its 0.1 its bad. because in the eyes of others it means that you're randomly following others just to make a lot of followers and the followers you have are spammers who also is trying to make a lot of followers .!
the two tools which are going to maintain a good friends to follower ratio are Manage Filter and fllwrs
So the first tool
Mange filter  Mange filter is a tool which allows you to find who
Doesn't following you backInactive onesTalkative onceQuite onceOne with no profile image  so…
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Browser extension to update Twitter and Facebook via Google plus

Previously I had shared the 6 sexy chrome extension for Google plus power users and here comes the 7th, the smart one.
SGplusThe best part is that this extension is that it is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. SGplus allows you to Share and tweet from the Google+ Stream making it easy to control your social networks feeds, another great feature is that it shows your twitter and facebook feeds in the Google plus stream, so with this extension installed you no longer need to open multiple tabs and check each of them one by one. It also has a Gmail notifier, once activated a new icon appears in the Google plus tool bar which on clicks show the mails.

visit here to install SGplus

to activate the facebook and twitter share features click on the SGplus icon and authorize app to access login details. And to share things click on the stream and put tick marks on the facebook and twitter icon.

Do share your reviews of this extension, will it reduce your Facebook and Twit…

Updating Facebook page using your blog RSS feed

Spreading articles via social networks is not so easy as it sounds, when you are busy writing new articles or trying to spend some time with your friends. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc are great source to gain lots of traffic to your blog / website. here is a quick and easy steps to gain lot of views via stumbleupon. okay lets get back to the point.

How to update your Facebook page using blog RSS feed To do this we are going to use an app called RSS Graffiti to access it go to .once you are in this application there will be an option to Authorize RSS Graffiti.

Once you authorize the app you'll see your fan pages listed on the left hand side of the panel, select the fan page wihich you want to automatically update with your blog RSS feed. From there you can add RSS Graffiti to that fan page and after adding it to your page it will ask permission to write on your page wall and when the permission is granted it will show a…

Facebook's counter attack against Google+ new gaming feature

Facebook unleashed 3 cool features that allows you to easily find new Games and play with your friends, this is a great step against the New gaming features rolled out by Google+.
the first one is the addition of the "New game ticker", which allows you to see a seperat stream of your friends gaming activities, their scores and achievements. you can also control who sees your activities with each individual apps, by going to privacy settings.

The next feature interests me more that is they have introduced a "Bigger screen for games", making it more interesting to play with.

And the third feature comes in handy if you use a lot of apps and games. It is " Bookmakr your favorite" option with which you can keep the best ones at the top of your bookmarks on your homepage.

it really is good to see these new features added by facebook. wonder what comes next..  =)

Google+ is now offering Games watch-out Facebook !

Google+ to make it more fun and playful to use have added new games in it like the once in Facebook. Well its not available for all right now, but soon it will be available for all =). With these new addition of Google+ you'll be able to play with your friends in your circle and share updates about game for those who are interested to hear about it. ie you wont be bugged by game updates like in Facebook.

When these feature is available for you, you'll get to notice a new game button on the top near to the circle button
clicking the game button enables you to see the latest games updates from your circle, you can browse the invites you got, and checkout the games played by your friends recently. Here is a list of some of the Games available in Google plus Google is taking good steps to make Google+ fully functional before its wide release and with the addition of Game feature there is a greater chance that Google+ will soon replace Facebook in the up coming years.or will it be …

How to stay invisible for chat in the new Facebook Chat Box

Facebook is the best place to hangout with friends even if Google plus have a hangout option in it , if you are not in Google plus you can get an invitation to Google plus from here .

The looks of chat box has changed since Facebook enabled the Video calling option and it no longer shows friends by list making it difficult to go invisible with single click.
So to go offline to a specific group of people you have to create a group with them in it (you can do it from here ). once you have created the group say invisible click on the chat box then the flower like icon (small gear icon) located at the bottom of the chat box, then there will be an option to Limit Availability..

Once you click the Limit Availability option a pop-up window comes out with a list of Groups you have created. Put a check mark on the Groups from which you want to stay invisible and click Okay

note that there is another option on the top saying "Make me unavailable to:" you can change it to "Only m…

Show me more.. Twitter rolled out 2 new features

As we all know Google plus and Facebook are now standing in front of the rest of the social networks , Twitter has rolled out two new features to make it more engaging than before, with these new features you can see if someone favourites or retweets one of your tweets, you can also learn which tweets are more interesting and inspiring to the people you follow.

The first one helps you see what's going on Twitter in relation to you. To access this feature allows you have to do is to open the new @username tab thus replacing the mention tab, and you'll be able to see which of your Tweets are Favorites, the latest retweets ( of your tweets), Tweets directed to you, and your new Followers.

The other one is the Activity tab who's porpose is similar to that of Facebook notification and Google pus notification . It shows the latest source of discovery by highlighting the latest Favourites, Retweets, and Follows from the people we follow (all in one place). thus making it easier to…