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6 Sexy Chrome extensions for Google plus power users

1 Plus one any thing

This extension adds the ability to +1 most of the pages on the web,This extension is perfect for Google+ since it lets you share any page with your friends without waiting for the webmaster of the page to add the +1 button!
Note that this wont work on private pages, when you visit a private page and try to +1 it the extension will show a red "!" exclamatory icon instead
[Install it]

2 Surplus
Surplus shows notification even if you are not in Google plus or other Google services , and on click it shows the notification in a pop up which is similar to the Google plus notification , you can post or respond within the pop up, other than that it shows Desktop notifications , have notification sound even you can switch between multiple accounts
[Install it]

3 +Comment toggle +Comment Toggle hides any comments to posts within your Stream and makes them available if and when you actually want to see them. This might really come in handy if you are following popular …

Grab you're Facebook app for mobile

That's wright Facebook has launched new Facebook for every phone app , which offers a very fast access to Facebook
This app allows you to upload photos , find friends using you'r phone contact list, checkout news feeds manage apps, view photos etc
this app is optimized for less consumption than other java apps available.
The best part is that it comes with 90days free data trial , ie you don't have to pay for visiting Facebook via this app , this is limited to few data carriers

Get it now To download this app all you have to do is visit using you'r mobile device

How to Edit HTML of the template in new blogger interface

Previously i wrote about how to Get the new blogger interface which have a much better and refreshing interface than the one before, so few of the options have been shifted to other places

Edit Template < HTML > In the dashboard page you can see you'r primary blogs and at the left under the new blog you can see Other blogs option once you select the blog who's template HTML is to be edited click on the Template tab
once you click that tab you'll see a live preview of you'r blog and an option to customize it , and below are some blogger templates

Go further down and there will be an option to Edit Template along with Backup / Restore template and Revert to classic template options
Note that the Expand to Widget template option which was located at the top right of the HTML editor is now located at the top left of the html editor

Hide whos amung us widget from visitors

Last time i've wrote about Removing the link of whos amung us widget and this time i'm going to show you how to hide it form others

if you haven't already installed it in you'r blog/website
go to[go]now to the Showcase , you can see the option at the top-right corner
once you have reached there click on the original (or any other since its going to be visible) now copy the code
go to[go] then navigate to Design after that click on add widget and add a new html widget
and paste widget code along with the code given below

< Code >


</style><div id="who-invi">

<script>var _wau = _wau || []; _wau.push(["tab", "TraCkinGKey", "ruy", "left-middle"]);
(function() { var s=document.createElement("script");
s.async=true; s.src="";

Make < html > widget in you'r blog transparent and opaque on mouse over

For a live example check out the floating share button on the left which becomes opaque on mouse over
now lets start the coddings How toFirst of all go to blogger [go] then go to design click add widget or edit widget (which you want to be translucent) add the code given below at the top

<div class="opacity" onmouseover=";this.filters.alpha.opacity=100"

then add </div> at the bottom
now you can change the opacity by changing the value 20 & 0.2 in a way that if you change 20 to 30 you should change 0.2 to 0.3
then you can save the widget to see the effects

Note that if you set the value 20 to 100 & 0.2 to 1 the widget will be opaque and if its set to 00 and 0.0 it will be completely transparent

Get Google Plus Invitation

Haven't got the invitation yet ..? wait no longer get it from here and start circling So whats the catch. before we sends the invitation you have to
1. this post &
2. this post & our Fan page on Facebook
3. Subscribe to Tricks Overdrive via e-mail newsletter or via Rss Feeds
4. And post a comment with you're e-mail id in it once you do all the steps above you'll get the invitation in minutes

Protect you're computer from viruses: Use Condom USB before inserting you're Pendrive

USB flash drives have made the process of data transfer  much easier than ever before, its easy to carry around data were ever you go with this small devise , one of the major problems of these flash drive are the PC getting infected by viruses

So here comes the hero named Condom USB which is a little extra peripheral which can be plunged into any USBs, which detects the viruses with the help of the built-in software and shuts off the USB access . And once it figure out the problem and remove all the nasty viruses it will allow the USB access to you're computer rescuing it from getting infected
so what do you think about this hero ?
doesn't the antivirus installed in you're PC does the work of this device
Device is designed by Ko Yang

A simple way to generate more traffic with StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a system which help you find new and interesting contents based on you're interest. The more you use it more the system learns about you and shows you the best results . so each time you stumble you get to read/find more and more interesting contents
[go] to

The best part is that each time you submit an article to StumbleUupon it automatically sends some traffic to you're blog so more content you have more you can submit which in turns gives you more traffic

Once you have submitted a link you cannot submit it again  , But with a minor tweak you can submit it again
that means you'll get more traffic

what you have to do is copy the link and add ?something at the end of it for example say  and submit it again to StumbleUpon
you can submit it again and again by changing something to something else ;)

Do share you're experience with StumbleUpon

Get the new Blogger interface

Blogger has introduced the new user interface , with much better navigation and fresh looks

They have added new features such as option to change the favicon in the layout page and showing number of visits and comments in each post in the Overview tab and the page layout is much better than the one before, so is the New post page. The earning page is also going to be modified
To get the new Interface all you have to do is go to[go Blogger in Drafts is equivalent to Google Labs were you get to enjoy the latest features earlier than other users hope you'll enjoy the new Blogger Interface, do tell me how you feel about it

Add Floating share button to you're Blog

Add cool floating share button to you blog
No crazy CSS editing required

Please post a review and don't forget to share this widget

Video calling enabled in Facebook

Sometime an emoticon just isn't enough. With afce-to-face video calling, now you can watch you'r friends smile, wink and LOL ... yep that's right now you can do it all in facebook

Before you can call you're friends, you need to complete a quick one time setup
Go to[go]
there you'll see an option 'Get Started' click it , now select a friend from the chat box the download the setting , Then click on the Set Up button and one the setup is complete you can select a friend from the Chat box and to start the video chatting click on the video icon on the top right of the chat box , or Go to you'r friends profile where you'll see the call button between message and poke button

Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari supports this facility
Even if you don't have a webcam you can make video call, you'll be able to see and hear you'r friends but they will only be able to hear you

Windows 7 trouble with Briefcase solved ~!

If you have created a briefcase form windows XP and you have changed the operating system to windows 7 , you will have trouble opening the Briefcase ie it will take more time than usual to load .

How to solve this what you have to do is create a new Briefcase and replace the desktop.ini file in you older briefcase with that of new one .
Steps for getting desktop.ini files
Once you have crated the new Briefcase go to