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Two Free Twitter Tools To Keep a Good Follower Ratio and a Tip to Gain More Followers

Here i'm going to introduce 2 free twitter tools which will help you maintain a good follower ration and tips on how to get more followers
First of all let me tell what a good follower ratio is, and why it is so important
an ideal or good follower ratio is between 1.0 and 1.25, which will help you gain more followers.
so when you are following 100 people and you are being followed by 125 you're ratio is 1.25 which is ideal
and if you follow 1000 and you're being followed by only 100 its 0.1 its bad. because in the eyes of others it means that you're randomly following others just to make a lot of followers and the followers you have are spammers who also is trying to make a lot of followers .!
the two tools which are going to maintain a good friends to follower ratio are Manage Filter and fllwrs
So the first tool
Mange filter  Mange filter is a tool which allows you to find who
Doesn't following you backInactive onesTalkative onceQuite onceOne with no profile image  so…