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Updating Facebook page using your blog RSS feed

Spreading articles via social networks is not so easy as it sounds, when you are busy writing new articles or trying to spend some time with your friends. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc are great source to gain lots of traffic to your blog / website. here is a quick and easy steps to gain lot of views via stumbleupon. okay lets get back to the point.

How to update your Facebook page using blog RSS feed
To do this we are going to use an app called RSS Graffiti to access it go to .once you are in this application there will be an option to Authorize RSS Graffiti.

Once you authorize the app you'll see your fan pages listed on the left hand side of the panel, select the fan page wihich you want to automatically update with your blog RSS feed. From there you can add RSS Graffiti to that fan page and after adding it to your page it will ask permission to write on your page wall and when the permission is granted it will show an option to add your blog RSS feed URL. Add your feed URL and next time you write and article you don't have to worry about publishing it in your fan page

Note that this app can also help you update your status using your Blog feed


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