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Browser extension to update Twitter and Facebook via Google plus

Previously I had shared the 6 sexy chrome extension for Google plus power users and here comes the 7th, the smart one.
The best part is that this extension is that it is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. SGplus allows you to Share and tweet from the Google+ Stream making it easy to control your social networks feeds, another great feature is that it shows your twitter and facebook feeds in the Google plus stream, so with this extension installed you no longer need to open multiple tabs and check each of them one by one. It also has a Gmail notifier, once activated a new icon appears in the Google plus tool bar which on clicks show the mails.

visit here to install SGplus

to activate the facebook and twitter share features click on the SGplus icon and authorize app to access login details. And to share things click on the stream and put tick marks on the facebook and twitter icon.

Do share your reviews of this extension, will it reduce your Facebook and Twitter usage?


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