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Remove the link of whos amung us widget

Bart Bobrowski a Computer Science graduate and Christopher Shannon Computer Engineer created widget to bring you innovative web statistics , it tels us how many users are on our website or blog right now, which page are they viewing and from were they are coming from, live
its a neat widget and a nice alternative to the traditional counters, which make it easy to share statistics with the users, its so nice that i like this app a lot. Its professional look makes our blog or website more attractive

[click] to add widget
The only problem with this widget is that you cannot remove the anchored link of it well here is the solution. The provides many option at the home page ie the positioning of the widget on your website, well if you have to remove the links you cannot use the script given in the home page.

Navigate to Showcase [link] now you'll reach Our Widget. Your Site page were you'll see a Color Me button click it and there will be a link to the colour wheel [link] and design you'r widget. After tweaking you'll see a code below like

<*script type="text/javascript" src=""><*/*script><*script type="text/javascript">WAU_colored('skirzg2u67uz', 'ffc20e000000')
<*span class="Apple-style-span">

now copy down the code at the positions of the underlined ones skirzg2u67uz and ffc20e000000 in this case the first one is the tracking code and the later is the color code of it
now open you'r notepad and copy this code

and replace the xxxxxxx parts with the respective codes ie the tracking code and the color code
afte that all you have to do is attach the image file using <*img src> tag. and if u like to attach a link that opens in new tab or window you can do that too.
so this is how the final code will look like

<*a href="" target="_blank"><*img src="" alt="click to see the stats of this site by"><*/a>

with no * in the code

how it looks after that
click to see the stats of this site by (link opens in new window/tab)

click to see the stats of this site by ( with no link )

now any doubts and thanking can be done by commenting *smile*


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