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Shrink URLs and make money

Get paid to shrink your link and share it with you'r friends and peeps, if you got lots of facebook friends and twitter followers you should really try this out , I've previously written about Get more followers in twitter and start earning from twitter for Free ~! .Not only that you can edit and delete you link when ever you want, and they also show statistics which will help you to know were you'r visitors are coming from 
Ok this one is my favourite , because it creates the shortest link which helps me get more letters in twitter.Also it allows us to shrink multiple links in one go like in, another good feature about it is that we can track it using Google Analytics. On an average a user gets upto $3 per 1000 visits ,it offers upto $5 per 1000 visits and if we wish not to show any ads in our short URL we can do that also, it provides us with 2 kind of ad types , first Framed URL which shows Top Banner Ads and the other is Intermission ads, ie viewers will be
shown a page with ads and then they will have to click the Skip Ads button to visit you's link. ya its a bit annoying but pays more

[join] Adfly

Next is, using it we can password protect our link and add an expiration date to the link cool and a help full feature it can be utilized to pup up a short duration download link, privacy guaranteed like adfly it also shows statics but an advantage is that it shows the ip from which the link is viewed, but the disadvantage is that it doesn't show the money earned in the statistic page , the ads provided by is similar to that of adfly


Compared to both of the above this one is quite different and looks more professional and have a lot of verity of ad types Top Banner Ads , Side Banner Ads , Intermission Ads and Popup Ads :) intermission and popup ads pays more, well its cost per impression is less compared to the other services making it my least favourate, wel if you have thousands of visitors and lots of followers in twitter it will pay big

[join] LinkBucks

all these links are best for viral marketing , using all of them is advised because they track ip address so you'll be paid only1 to 3 click per ip for an interval of time, if u are already using these share you'r experience with us :)


  1. You can find even more paid url shortening programs here:
    And also if you want a loyal and punctual website readers which will come to your website or blog every week thus rising your impressions, subscribing to your mailing lists

    and sometimes click on ads. You can hire these guys from for just $1 (payable by SMS or PayPal) per two months ! And in this special free promotion you can even win the same for a full year for free!


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