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A simple way to generate more traffic with StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a system which help you find new and interesting contents based on you're interest. The more you use it more the system learns about you and shows you the best results . so each time you stumble you get to read/find more and more interesting contents
[go] to

The best part is that each time you submit an article to StumbleUupon it automatically sends some traffic to you're blog so more content you have more you can submit which in turns gives you more traffic

Once you have submitted a link you cannot submit it again  , But with a minor tweak you can submit it again
that means you'll get more traffic

what you have to do is copy the link and add ?something at the end of it for example say  and submit it again to StumbleUpon
you can submit it again and again by changing something to something else ;)

Do share you're experience with StumbleUpon


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Hide whos amung us widget from visitors

Last time i've wrote about Removing the link of whos amung us widget and this time i'm going to show you how to hide it form others

if you haven't already installed it in you'r blog/website
go to[go]now to the Showcase , you can see the option at the top-right corner
once you have reached there click on the original (or any other since its going to be visible) now copy the code
go to[go] then navigate to Design after that click on add widget and add a new html widget
and paste widget code along with the code given below

< Code >


</style><div id="who-invi">

<script>var _wau = _wau || []; _wau.push(["tab", "TraCkinGKey", "ruy", "left-middle"]);
(function() { var s=document.createElement("script");
s.async=true; s.src="";

Remove the link of whos amung us widget

Bart Bobrowski a Computer Science graduate and Christopher Shannon Computer Engineer created widget to bring you innovative web statistics , it tels us how many users are on our website or blog right now, which page are they viewing and from were they are coming from, live
its a neat widget and a nice alternative to the traditional counters, which make it easy to share statistics with the users, its so nice that i like this app a lot. Its professional look makes our blog or website more attractive

Get the new Blogger interface

Blogger has introduced the new user interface , with much better navigation and fresh looks

They have added new features such as option to change the favicon in the layout page and showing number of visits and comments in each post in the Overview tab and the page layout is much better than the one before, so is the New post page. The earning page is also going to be modified
To get the new Interface all you have to do is go to[go Blogger in Drafts is equivalent to Google Labs were you get to enjoy the latest features earlier than other users hope you'll enjoy the new Blogger Interface, do tell me how you feel about it